B / Event-B

Classical B (or just B) focuses on a tool-based refinement of a formal specification to code. It is based on the Z notation but slightly more low-level. In B a system consists of an abstract machine in which the modeler specifies the goal of the system. Via several refinement steps, this abstract goal is enhanced by more details on a less abstract level by adding details about data structures and algorithms that define how the goal is achieved. All steps are proven correct until a deterministic version (the implementation) is reached.


Event-B is an evolution of B with a simpler notation. Similar to B a system is modeled by different abstraction levels that are connected by a rigorous refinement proven correct. Whereas the B-method is intended to the development of correct-by-construction software, the purpose of Event-B is to model full systems (including hardware and operation environment). These two languages share almost the same mathematical language.


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