Case Studies

Mechanical Lung Ventilator (ABZ 2024)

This document presents the case study for ABZ 2024 conference. The case study introduces Mechanical Lung Ventilator (MLV). The MLV is intended to provide ventilation support for patients that require mechanical ventilation in two operative modes: Pressure Controlled Ventilation (PCV) and Pressure Support Ventilation (PSV).

AMAN Case Study (ABZ 2023)

This document presents the case study for ABZ 2023 conference. The case study introduces a safety critical interactive system called AMAN (Arrival MANager) which is a partly-autonomous scheduler of landing sequences of aircraft in airports.

Adaptive Exterior Light and Speed Control System (ABZ 2020)

This document describes two systems from the automotive domain: an adaptive exterior light system (ELS) and a speed control system (SCS). This specification is based on the SPES XT running example.

The Hybrid ERTMS/ETCS Level 3 (ABZ 2018)

This document presents a description of the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) case study. ERTMS is a system of standards for management and interoperation of signalling for railways by the European Union (EU).

The Hemodialysis Machine (ABZ 2016)

This documents presents a description of a case study concerning the control of a hemodialysis (HD) machine. It provides an overview of the requirements and the design of an HD machine including a sketch of the machine’s functionality, related safety conditions, and a top-level system architectural description.

The Landing Gear System (ABZ 2014)

This document presents a landing gear system. It describes the system and provides some of its requirements. We propose this case study as a benchmark for techniques and tools dedicated to the verification of behavioral properties of systems.